Active markets : Europe, Middle-East, Africa


Customer returns management and after sales generate an important flow of goods. In many cases the returns are not justified, and the item is still new and/or in perfect sellable condition. Depending of the type of product, up to 70% of the return flow can be sold again in the traditional point of sales


The flow of goods is sorted out by Gateway and repaired for sale as new or refurbished product. In 2015 Gateway has refurbished more than 1,5 million items in an assortiment of 2500 different references.


Our network of clients in Middle-East and Africa allows us to cash on non-repairable products. Thanks to this solution we offer a second life to the products and drastically limit the impact on the environment. We help to enhance our clients’ image of being ecological and sustainable.


Logistic hubs located in Benelux-France-Germany give us such possibilities


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