Active markets : Europe

Core products : consumer electronics, small household appliances, white goods.


The customer returns are an important expense in the after-sales budget. We are currently observing a trend among importers to subcontract non-core business-activities, of wich the customer return management is a vital part.


Gateway offers tailor-made solutions. Our clients take advantage of our expertise and low labour costs in order to ensure remarkable savings.


Gateway's reporting of recorded reasons of returns allows our clients to integrate this knowledge into their permanent quality improvement plan and to refine their return strategy.


Gateway offers complementary solutions to the issue of CR. In addition to the Management we offer refurbishing/repackaging (ship back to stock). Also our network of clients in Middle-East and Africa allows us to cash on non-repairable products. Thanks to this solution we offer a second life to the products and drastically limit the impact on the environment. We help to enhance our client's image of being ecological and sustainable.


Logistic hubs located in Benelux-France-Germany give us such possibilities

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